4K 60Hz HDMI Cable Ver2.0 1Meter (HDR10 & 32Audio Channel) Unitek YC136M

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Available Cable Length : 1M/ 1.5M/ 2M/ 3M/ 5M/ 8M/ 10M/ 12M/ 15M/ 20M

Products Features:

  • Premium HDMI2 cable.
  • Connect between HDMI source to HDMI display.
  • Support 4K resolution and 3D display.
  • Gold-plated, 100% copper wire.
  • With the protections against EMI, RFI and other interference.
  • Applicable for all HDMI supported devices.

Model: Y-C136M (1M) / Y-C137M (1.5M) / Y-C138M (2M) / Y-C139M (3M) / Y-C140M (5M) / Y-C141M (8M) / Y-C142M (10M) / Y-C177M (12M) / Y-C143M (15M) / Y-C144M (20M)

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