• Wu Chia Pi (五加皮酒) Premium Herbal Wine (45% ABV) 645ml/bottle

Wu Chia Pi (五加皮酒) Premium Herbal Wine (45% ABV) 645ml/bottle

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Tong Ah Wu Chia Pi is a medicated wine specially formulated with five herbs soaked in 45% alcohol to promote general health, invigorate blood circulation, and improve your immune and digestive systems. In traditional Chinese medicine practice, Wu Chia Pi is used to expel wind from the body system and strengthen the overall health of the consumer. The fore fathers who founded Tong Ah brought this coveted recipe from China over a hundred years ago, to brew in Malaya and it is now widely used amongst the Chinese in South East Asia as a health wine and also in food preparation.

東亞五加皮酒是一種加藥酒,它是用浸泡在45%酒精中的草藥特別配製的,以促進身體健康,促進血液循環並改善您的免疫和消化系統。 在傳統中醫實踐中,吳家Chi被用來排出人體系統的風,並增強消費者的整體健康。 創立Tong Ah的前輩們將這種令人垂涎的配方從中國帶到了100多年前的馬來亞釀造,如今在東南亞的中國人中廣泛用作保健酒和食品製備。

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